Fewkes, Khan, Maloney and that old favourite “the anorak”

Useful garment in certain circumstances is the anorak. In the current climate of record rain-fall it is arguably a must-have in any sensible wardrobe. Okay it isn’t likely to enthuse Trinny and Susannah, but for those of us not worried about such frivolous opinion the anorak is a much maligned but much required item. Promoter Frank Maloney loves to use the negative connotations associated with the anorak – that its inhabitant is a solitary, narrow-minded, unsociable and unworldly individual – to mock, antagonise and tease those who contribute to boxing forums and message boards.  Reading the latest release from his stable, I can only assume its raining where Frank is.

To be fair to Frank Maloney, he is one of the most high-profile figures I’ve seen post on boxing forums. He was a regular, and relatively frank – if you’ll excuse the pun – contributor to DogHouseBoxing once upon a time. I haven’t visited the site for a long time, plotting a course through the minefield of adverts, spy-ware and pop-ups just proves too much for my simple mind these days, but I don’t believe he does anymore.

I always found his candid submissions were valuable and I respected him for affording the time to reach out to his core market. For a while it stopped the tongue-in-cheek criticism of the whims of this body of fans, for that is, after all, what these posters are, fans. In his latest release, which details the intentions for his Lightweight prospect John Fewkes and their rejection of an offer to fight Amir Khan this weekend for a purse of £40,000 earlier in the summer, Maloney turns to the anoraks to try and create some buzz about Fewkes’ fight with Martin Gethin for the English title.

As a viral release it ticks all the boxes, name-checking Amir Khan and chastising the ‘anoraks’ in the knowledge those two facets will generate more circulation of the PR than Fewkes could muster on his own. Exciting prospect though he is. Maloney, as always, use every club in the bag to promote a fight.

The press release follows, without alteration, but presented more cleanly.



JOHN FEWKES turned down £40,000 to be Amir Khan’s opponent in Manchester on Saturday night. Instead Britain’s TOP lightweight prospect, Fewkes will challenge Martin Gethin for the vacant English crown at Nottingham’s Harvey Hadden Leisure Centre on Friday.

Frank Maloney, promoter of the unbeaten Sheffield boxer spoke to John’s manager Glyn Rhodes and the pair decided it wasn’t the right time to face Khan. Maloney and Rhodes both believe that Fewkes is a much better fighter than Khan and when the big rivals do eventually meet it will be one of British boxing’s biggest ever lightweight showdowns.

Maloney explained: “Yes, the money on offer is good, but nowhere near enough for a pay-per-view event where you are the star attraction. John is likely to be the next mandatory for British championship and when he wins that title, a clash against Amir will be worth six figures to him.”

There has been criticism aimed at Team Fewkes on various internet sites for turning down the Khan offer. But angry Maloney snapped back: “A lot of these people on internet message boards are ill informed and anoraks hiding behind a computer.”

“Boxing is all about timing, and now is not the time for John to be facing Khan for derisory money. I shouldn’t read the internet, but it is one of those things that you looks at because it is part of modern day life and made wannabes all experts.”

Friday’s 12-fight bill is topped by Leicester’s Rendall Munroe who makes the second defence of his European bantamweight title against French based Armenian Arsen Martirosian.

For tickets for this top night of action call 0871 226 1508 or log on to www.frankmaloney.com




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