August Fighter of the Month: Cedric Boswell

It may appear a theme or pattern is being established in the selection of the fighter of the month, the first winner Monte Barrett was selected for extinguishing the flicker of respect Tye Fields had ignited by rubbing the two sticks of his talent together and last month Antonio Margarito triumphed having snapped the unbeaten record of Miguel Cotto. August’s victor, Detroit born Cedric Boswell trumps Joshua Clottey for the most eye-catching performance of the month by destroying pampered heavyweight protege Roman Greenberg in two rounds. I had custard with my humble pie.

As more than one Boswell fan has pointed out following my thinly veiled criticism of the 39 year old heavyweight last week, “he didn’t do bad for a mediocre fighter” and while the victory arguably says more about Greenberg and the disproportionate coverage he has been afforded in a career based solely on beating unmotivated molasses on points than it does about Boswell being an undiscovered gem, the win merits this accolade.

It will provide Boswell with some belated momentum to an otherwise stagnant career and did boxing a service in exposing the puffed up prospect. It may prove to be the best thing that has ever happened to either man.


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  2. I knew Cedric “The Bos” Bosewell when he was in the Navy station in Hawaii. The guys he trained with knew he had great potential. He always had a great right hand and hook. Glad to see him back on track.


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