Holcomb Hunting Bobby Gunn

gUNN3I seem to attract fighters from the club circuits, in a purely platonic way you understand, but ever since I flippantly criticised Crawford Grimsley and was swiftly brought to task by Mrs Grimsley they’ve been congragating at my ‘virtual’ front door. My recent commentary on Bobby Gunn has attracted attention from past opponents, fans and managers. The latest? Former foe Jeff Holcomb is desperate for a rematch.The two met in 2005, Gunn prevailing by technical knockout in the 5th round. Holcomb has a different slant on the fight and is eager to generate interest in a rematch to straighten out the injustice he feels is perpetrated by Gunn’s revisionist version of events. Commenting on the Bobby Gunn Reloads piece I wrote last week, Jeff is almost as daming as Gunn’s former manager Joe Mack in his assessment of Gunn.

“Not only is Gunn a weak fighter, he misrepresents his past bouts in my opinion and fights only those he thinks he can beat. I lost to Gunn on an injury. The fight was stopped while I was standing and ahead on points due to a documented back injury. Gunn calls that a brutal K O. He probably thinks he should have won the WBO title and claims that it was an imposter laying on the canvas. The only brutal KO that I’ve seen lately was Gunn looking up at Enzo wondering what happened.”

Ouch. Holcomb, 11-5 continues,

“If Gunn wants a match I will give him a free one, just for another chance at him. What do you say Gunn?

Call me. Cell (number supplied)”

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  1. Fred, I saw the fight. I don”t know who”s record is what but I know that Jeff was whipping his a__ until he was hurt. An injury NOT caused by Gunn.


  2. alls i know is harry gallagher is a roadreff that should stay wherever hes at n is by far the worst jackoff i have ever met a irishman wannabe


  3. In response to fred above on april 17th…the only jag looking for a payday and ANOTHER 15 minutes of fame would be your boyfriend Bobby Gunn. Holcomb would KO Gunn and for Gunn to think that he is anything other than a glorified toughman fighter is a complete and utter joke. Gunn had his shots and he got KTFO both times. Gunn is a DONE and anyone with any real knowledge of boxing would know this to 100% factual.


  4. jeff , you sound like a nut . do you realy think your being avoided by a guy who tko’ed you in 5 ?and in your three fights since you went the distance .one with a guy who has 100 loses a loss to a guy with 43 loses and draw with a guy with 44 loses c’mon .why dont you just admitt you looking for your 15 min.and a paycheck


  5. Attention, Attention, I left my number over a month ago and I still have not heard from Bobby (glass jaw) Gunn. I”m waiting for a response so I can have the chance to dismantle the man with the mighty mouth who can”t count. Bobby, you asked for my number and now you have it. Lets go to work or did you piss your pants when you read my response. I will still box you for free. I cannot believe that after all of his talk he still hasn”t responded. Let all who reads this know the truth about Gunn. Also, yes gunn is avoiding me because he cannot handle my speed and strength.


  6. I saw those guys box. I think Holcomb was ahead on points.The piss your pants stuff is silly and childish talk to be coming from adults. Hey. H.Gallagher, why don”t you box Mr. Holcomb, you seem to think that your an expert, Gunn seems to be avoiding him at all costs from what Ive read.


  7. Bobby,

    I accept your offer to fight. Name the time and place.My number is (423) 421-6580. I think you have mental issues Gunn. I only wonder who the moron was that agreed with your above lies is. I’ll try and not wet myself this time….Ha Ha.


  8. jeff, you’re a mid south punching bag. you are nothing. you were laying on the canvas in a pool of blood and you pissed your own pants in front of a crowd of people. if you’ll accept a fight versus me again it will be casted on youtube. maybe of joe mac will manage you and put lies in your head then you’ll get robbed and fooled also. by the way, wheres your phone number fat boy? with your rocky balboa shorts , you are a total joke


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