Is this the bottom for Scott Harrison, or can he fall further?

The story of Scott Harrison the fighter, and he was a competent world-level operator at his best, is close to becoming a footnote in the life of the former two-time WBO Featherweight belt holder. Today, having pleaded guilty to assaulting girlfriend Stacy Gardner and an attendant police officer, the gruff former fighter was sentenced to two months imprisonment.

While unlikely to make a great deal of difference to his fistic ambitions – given he has yet to win back his licence to box from the British Boxing of Control – it remains to be seen whether incarceration will serve to awaken Harrison from his drink fuelled march toward oblivion.

It doesn’t seem more than a few weeks since a sprightly looking Harrison tried to re-embrace the boxing media, inviting them to a brief public workout via which he announced his return to the sport which made him famous and an escape from the grim clutches of alcohol. While not present at that event, the video snippets made public showed Harrison working up a sweat and looking clear of mind.

However, for all his protestations to the contrary and for his reluctant references to “going off the rails for a while” he still appeared unwilling to concede how serious his problems were or had been. In short, it still didn’t ring true.

I hope the two months inside, likely reduced if Harrison can stay out of trouble while locked up, proves a more effective watershed for the 31-year old and he can find some sort of order to his life, with or without boxing in it.

Another arrest for drink-driving at the weekend suggests the sooner the better.


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