Green horn Greenberg dumped by Boswell

Having spent a great deal of Friday lampooning the American heavyweight picture and in particular Cedric Boswell, the 39-year-old recruited to provide a benchmark for Roman Greenberg’s often soporific progress as a heavyweight, it is with humility I report that the veteran, despite age, and the lack of anything other than a TKO defeat to Jameel McCline in 2003 on his record, proved too much for Greenberg.

Boswell demolished the highly touted prospect in the second round.

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Gammer succumbs to Pianeta and broken hand

Welsh hard-man Scott Gammer was forced to retire from his absorbing contest with German based prospect, Francesco Pianeta, due to a suspected broken hand. An injury he must have sustained very earlier in the fight as he threw precious few during the 8 completed rounds. It was particularly hard on the returning former British Heavyweight champion, as he looked well placed following 3 or 4 rounds to get the job done. Pianeta looked pleased not to be forced to accrue any further damage to his right eye, left damaged by Gammer’s meaty left hook.

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