The Odd Couple: Oscar and Pacquaio meet Dec 6th

According to a number of reports this evening, tomorrow will bring the announcement Oscar De La Hoya is to spurn the physically bigger tests of Paul Williams, Sergio Mora and Antonio Margarito to face Filipino shark Manny Pacquiao on December 6th in his farewell fight. Mooted for several days, the clash had divided fans. The size disparity of the former Super-Flyweight (Pacquiao) and former Middleweight titlist (Oscar) bewilders cynics, but the strength of the potential PPV has proven too much to resist for both parties.

The exact terms of the purse split are as yet, unconfirmed though it would appear Oscar has had to waiver his usual 70-30 return to secure Pacquiao’s signature. Despite recent regard as one of the top three pound for pound fighters in the world, Manny Pacquiao will enter a new stratosphere of remuneration and global recognition by facing the Golden Boy of boxing.

Until the two square up it is hard to picture just how they may physical match up, certainly at 147 pounds Oscar will lose little of his strength – he weighed 150 for Steve Forbes earlier this summer – while Pacquiao must move 12 pounds north of his previous highest weight; 135.

Having spoken yesterday of my sense of anti-climax had Oscar opted for Paul Williams, for all the so-called Starving Marvin’s worth, I must confess to being excited about the prospect of this contest. One which would have been considered entirely fanciful and implausible as recently as 2007.

Critics will suggest Oscar has opted for the easiest possible cash cow available, but to me, the usual terms applied to the assessment of a contest’s worth need to be suspended for De La Hoya and as his last fight, I’m sure this will generate more buzz and box office interest than Williams could ever have done.

In other news, Paul Williams now looks set to face Luis Collazo in the week preceding the Pacquiao fight.

Let the buzz begin.



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