Chris Aston grooming the next generation

fright nightFor those among the readership who frequent the virtual watering holes of, or the pop-up ridden then the name of Huddersfield trainer Chris Aston is a familiar one. Once a gutsy circuit pro, the flame-haired trainer enjoyed a golden period at the start of the decade as he provided stewardship to the notable careers of Mark Hobson, James Hare and Dale Robinson. Of late, Chris has been in the corner on the right hand side of the bill with under card tricksters like Youssef El Hamidi but I was delighted to read in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner that his newest batch of young fighters are now emerging.

Doug Thomson, of the Examiner, spoke to Chris after the Halloween “Fright Night” bill last week, a show which saw Tyrone Nurse the 19 year old Light-Welterweight prodigy move to 10-0 against Jason Nesbitt and a host of Chris’ other fighters enjoy success, in fact the Aston’s camp emerged unbeaten on the night.

Click here to read about Tyrone Nurse’s victory or click here for a brief round up by Doug on the other bouts on the bill which was co-promoted by the increasingly important VIP Promotions and Chris himself.



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  1. Chris Aston is a much underrated trainer. Robinson had lovely technique –always a sign of a quality trainer — and he was one of my favourite fights, until he fell foul to an unlucky “Maloney at the Elephant” decision, and ate his way out of Flyweight.

    He also took Hobson on a fine run; and Hare got to fringe wold class before finding himself underdized and underpowered for the world stage at 147.

    Wish Aston well. He really cares, and does well for his boys.


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