Smith v Quigley as it happens: Live

Paul SmithGenuine electricity in the air as fellow Liverpudlians clash for the British Super Middleweight title, thankfully officiated by Richie Davies – the most respected referee in the country. Each time these two have met in the build up to this fight, sparks have flown. It could be about who holds their composure in the red-hot arena of the Echo arena. If it does, Smith holds the greater experience.

Round One

Smith looking very focused, Quigley trying to smile at the mix of boos. Tense start. Quigley looking fleshier of the two. Both posturing and waiting for the other to lead. Surely this a must win fight for Smith if he is to fulfil his potential.

Southpaw Quigley very circumspect but now on the front foot as the last minute starts. Davies warns Quigley for pulling Smith down. Quigley scores in the clinches. Exchange solid jabs, bit Smith has gone backwards.

Even round. Smith 10 – 10 Quigley

Round Two

You sense Smith is the house fighter in the commentary already. Quigley has centre ring though and is relaxing into it. He is the looser fighter by nature. Do I sense frustration in Smith. Misses with a big straight right. Quigley straight back to centre ring. Quigley a little square on as he comes in. He has that posing awkwardness of Eubank.  Smith catches him with a left right coming. Smith seems to want to wait for Quigley which has surprised me.

Perhaps the Smith tactic is to come on late, backing his own fitness. He’s certainly holding plenty back in the opening sessions.

Quigley round.

Smith 19-20 Quigley

Round Three

Quigley looking more and more relaxed. Good right hook from Smith. Fast one-two combo from Smith, Smith having success on the counter as Quigley advances. Quigley lands to the body, Smith sucks it up as Davies breaks them. Smith’s backside goes between the ropes, poor view from TV. Smith shows a face of frustration over the shoulder of Quigley in the clinch, Quigley lands a good jab to end the round.

Quigley moves two ahead.

Smith 28-30 Quigley.

Round Four

Davies gives the two a “tidy it up” talk. Quigley switching between orthodox and southpaw. If Quigley over-commits, Smith has the sharpness to tag him coming in but he hasn’t taken control of an exchange yet. But he is trying to win back centre ring. Smith steps back again. Heads up come together Nice uppercut on the inside from Quigley. He has the variety of punches but I remain unconvinced by his conditioning. He squares up coming in with his chin in the air, Smith may catch him clean before the nights out.

Hard round to score. Just going for Quigley.

Smith 37-40 Quigley

Round 5

Quigley dares to drop his hands, again catches Smith coming in with the uppercut and then an overhand right. Smith steps backwards, showing the shorter, cleaner shots but not landing with them. Disagree with Darke’s belief this is a Smith round. Quigley scoring with the jab. Smith too willing to go backward which doesn’t suit him. Smith touches his damaged right eye, a cut just on the brow. Quigley catching the eye for me. And the blood could help him nick the round with the judges.

Quigley pulling away here.

Smith 46-50 Quigley

Round 6

Richie Davies has another word about tidying it up, looks like a head clash caused the cut.  Once more the usually aggressive Smith is on the back foot and waiting too long to throw.  Quigley relishing the fight, seems to have answers to everything, Smith should have lots left, he’s not thrown much and neither fighter is landing many heavy shots. Still time for a change in direction or momentum. But Quigley looks like the champion, has centre ring and that influences the judges.

Quigley is fighting awkward, Darke and Watt doesn’t believe it helps him. Smith has a little more success but is neglecting his jab. Could this be another frustrating non-performance from Smith? He’s done it before.

Smith 55-60 Quigley which differs a lot from Ryan Rhodes at ringside.

Round 7

Jim Watt has it level. I have Quigley miles ahead, though the rounds have been hard to score. Quigley looks like the on top fighter to me despite his unorthodox style.  Punch stats show 32-41 in Quigley’s favour for landed shots. But no fight changing shot yet.

Smith lands a good shot and then retreats. Very surprising lack of front foot work from Smith, I expected a more explosive offering from him. Maybe this is the game plan, like Ryan Rhodes last week, draw the sting?

Smith gets through with a straight right. Smith is matching for landed shots, willing to throw the jab. Watt comments on the difficulty of scoring, I anticipate a wide variety of views of this.

Smith just?

Smith 65-69 Quigley

Round 8

Feel free to add commentary of your own below. Still a messy fixture. If Quigley sustains this on my card Smith is slipping toward needing to at least drop his fellow Liverpudlian. Wrestling, clinching, Davies has his hands full.

Minute to go and another hard round to score, I still think Quigley is the aggressor, though signs of heavier breathing, Smith catches him coming. Watt comments that Smith cannot win the title on the back foot. Still have the nagging suspicion Smith may turn it on late here. Can Quigley stay with it?  Its rugged but it isn’t a war. He could have enough in the tank despite his fleshier appearance.

Quigley round

Smith 74-79 Quigley

Round 9

Stiff talking to from Davies. It is a spoilt messy fight. Quigley forces Smith back Signs of fatigue though, Quigley pauses and breaths deeper after the breaks. Another warning from Davies who is growing tired of this.

One thing you can say with some confidence is neither fighter is any better than British title level. The commentary team are craving to see Smith employ his ability more. Odd boo from the crowd. Quigley landing with lead  lefts. Less than a minute but Quigley is again the eye-catching fighter. Smith is a mile down on my card. Watt describes him as being bullied, Smith finds a shot to lift his fans. Finally, Smith may be waking. But tired shots from both.

Quigley a street ahead.

Smith 83-89 Quigley

Round 10

Early single shot success from Smith. Cannot believe so many of you are keeping up via the site. Nice lead left hook from Smith. Better start from Smith but too willing to retreat, a theme Watt has picked up and run with. Davies separates the two tired men. Smith bleeding again, its getting bloody in there. Splattered across Quigley’s shoulders. Hard to tell how bad cut is, but bleeding profusely. Smith must be realising he needs to dig in here. He cannot believe he’s winning despite the difficulty scoring the fight in the early rounds.

Smith looking to the ref to separate them. They exchange as the round ends. I’ll give Smith a share for some clean shots, but Quigley had moments too.

Smith 93-99 Quigley

Round 11

Smith stiffer with the jab. Quigley is breathing hard but still moving forward. Watt and Darke wondering how Foster, John-Lewis and all have it. Hard to say, Smith has landed some clean shots but they’ve not dented Smith and Smith has come forward more. Quigley is knackered though. Does Smith have enough left. They’re swinging hooks in, Smith a mask of blood. Smith forcing Quigley back in the clinches. Low blow from Smith…. Quigley will take plenty of the time offered.

Back to it. This Quigley’s fight. Don’t know where Smith goes from here. Firing back, he’s finding some spite in his shots. Quigley is knackered and is lunging in to clinch. Stephen Smith at ringside wishes he could get in there.

One to go. Smith round

Smith 104-108 Quigley

Round 12

Wailing away, Smith is putting everything in to it. So frustrating for those who tipped him, it looks too late, but the cards could be close, wouldn’t surprise me. Some ringsiders feel Quigley should have had a point for use of the head. Smith is hurting him, big uppercut from Quigley. Its all happening now. Minute to go, massive minute for both.

Darkie had them even going in to this. Quigley hanging on. 20 seconds. Smith started too late. He’s a complicated kid. Smith raises his arms. But to me Quigley has won it.

Smith 114-117 Quigley for BoxingWriter.

Watt has it level. Darkie has Smith winning.

Now we just need to wait for the three judges to submit their cards, it could be three very different scores wouldn’t surprise me. Smith 74 punches landed to 82 for Quigley according to SKY. It was hard to score.

Edwards 116-114 Quigley

Foster 113-116 Smith

John-Lewis 112-116 Smith

To me that’s a poor decision, Quigley was the winner. There will be a rematch according to the MC and though the punch-stats show it was very tight to me Smith didn’t win 8 rounds in that fight. Davies had his hands full. The two fighters embrace after the decision to put an end to the bad-feeling which threatened to boil over in the build up.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage, smoke from the keyboard at times.

Smith now claims he can only get motivated for title fights. Which strikes me as surprising given how long it took for him to throw proper shots in this bout. To me he remains an enigma. It will be interesting to see how quickly Smith defends, the cut wasn’t too bad on closer inspection. At 27, he’s arguably two years late to this level.

Nelson has given it to Smith too. For what its worth. Not much.



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2 thoughts on “Smith v Quigley as it happens: Live

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    1. Hello there Dave.

      It was tough. I’ve reread my commentary and two or three of the rounds could easily have gone to Smith. I don’t argue with him as a winner too strongly. It wasn’t a controversial one, but I didn’t think the card so clearly for Smith was conceivable.

      Was far from a classic though.


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