James DeGale round by round LIVE

union jackUnbeaten novice Ally Morrison, with old favourite Chris Aston in the corner, took on James DeGale tonight – the 2008 Olympic Gold medalist to whom the British public is slowly warming to. Very slowly.

Fourth professional fight for DeGale, who entered the ring with “Watch DeGold Unfold” on his t-shirt, with trainer Jim McDonnell similarly robed.

Round One

Degale looked slightly more purposeful but Morrison looked keen too, from his square on southpaw stance. DeGale quickly unloaded to the body but was caught buy a couple of stiff jabs despite trying to hide behind the shoulder. Impressive accuracy from DeGale who has quickly marked up the 32 year old Morrison.

DeGale close the round quite loose, really closing down the space and using his hand speed.

DeGale 10-9

Round Two

Morrison trying to stick behind the jab, an organised beginner in the professional game. Showing heart not to be overawed. DeGale going to the body, not enough weight on the Morrison work to deter DeGale and Morrison slowly giving up centre ring. Morrison doesn’t have much beyond the jab but all the advantages of speed and talent with the Olympian. Another sickener to the body from DeGale. Nice combination from Morrison with half a minute to go. Morrison deserves credit. DeGale less busy, chasing without throwing as he comes in.  Two big lefts from the Southpaw stance for DeGale

Another 10-9 round for DeGale [20-18]

Round Three

Sky show a graphic showing DeGale has landed 27-0 body shots. Howard Foster jumps in early in the third, the exuberance returns. Very confident display, but once more DeGale’s body language suggests that of a man who believes he not respected or cherished as he should be. A big right and then swinging left sent the brave Morrison reeling back. A quick stoppage at 45 seconds which Morrison complained about but the gulf was wide between them.

Post fight interview, DeGale humbly dedicates the fight to Darren Sutherland and commented he felt he was hitting harder and tucking up much better. There was evidence of both.



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