Dunne’s promoter lashes out at Maloney

Once inter-promoter arguments begin it is hard to keep track, apportion blame or see the wood for the trees. However, Brian Peters, the promoter of popular Irishman Bernard Dunne, was obviously irked by Frank Maloney’s press release this week, which claimed Dunne’s camp were ducking his improving European champion Rendall Munroe. Of course the pair could be in cahoots and sniggering backstage at the attention they’re generating for a fight which could prove beneficial to both fighters.



Maloney has selective memory regarding Dunne – Munroe

Bernard Dunne’s manager Brian Peters has accused Rendall Munroe’s promoter Frank Maloney of selective memory over the Londoner’s claim that Dunne is “running scared” from the current European Super Bantamweight champion. 

Yesterday Maloney claimed that he had made a “substantial offer” to Dunne to come to England to challenge Munroe for his old title. However Peters remains puzzled as to why Maloney rejected a career best purse for Munroe to defend his title against Dunne in Ireland.

“I’d like to thank Frank for his offer,” said Peters . “However he neglected to mention that the offer I made to him for Rendall to defend against Bernard was more than double their offer and would have been easily the biggest payday of Munroe’s career. So by Frank’s rationale I’m sure he’d admit that the offer he rejected, was very, very, substantial. 

“Clearly they are not as confident of beating Bernard as they would like people to think – but if they want to use Bernard’s name to get some publicity then that’s OK too. Our offer stands by the way and should Frank wish to take it up he can give me a call. Either way I wish Rendall nothing but the best in his career. I hope the kind of offers that his team are rejecting come around again for him in the future.”

“There are plenty of other options on the table for Bernard.”

Brian Peters

Peters says that if Maloney still has no interest in his offer he will move on with other plans for Dunne. “There are plenty of other options on the table for Bernard. He’s already been European champion and to fight for a World title has always been the ultimate aim and that’s what we’re building to at the moment.”



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