Jamie Moore’s big fight was an urban myth after all

Poor old Jamie Moore, one of the most likable characters and down to earth punchers on the circuit has once more been robbed of the opportunity to win the European belt following the withdrawal of champion Zaurbek Baysangurov. It is another frustrating chapter in a career blighted by injuries and one which finally appeared to be progressing when the fight was confirmed. Moore’s hope, according to today’s press release by Frank Maloney, is the EBU will act to strip the champion and nominate a new foe for the Salford favourite.

In the meantime the September 26th card is cancelled. Fortuitously clarifying the apparent clash with another big domestic card on the same weekend. 



JAMIE MOORE has suffered a devastating blow after European light-middleweight champion Zaurbek Baysangurov pulled out of their showdown in Wigan on September 26.

The unbeaten Russian has sent a medical certificate to the European Boxing Union’s office in Rome claiming he is injured and will not be fit enough to defend the title against Moore.

The Salford fighter’s camp are now demanding that the Russian is stripped of the title and the next available contender challenges Moore for the vacant title at the earliest opportunity.

His co-promoter Frank Maloney has protested to the EBU and is confident that Moore will face a new opponent for the vacant European crown in November.

“I’m devastated that the fight isn’t happening. I can’t believe it.”



“I’m hoping my management team get him stripped and that I can finally get an opportunity to challenge for the European championship.”

Moore’s manager and co-promoter Steve Wood said: “We’re hoping that the EBU will act immediately and make a match for the vacant title between Jamie and the next available contender.”

Moore, 29, knocked out Esau Herrera and Ciaran Healy in summer warm-up contests, and has been training at Oliver Harrison’s gym for several weeks preparing for the fight.

Wood added: “Jamie will not be having any more warms ups because he needs a meaningful contest and with Frank Maloney and Sky Sports we hope that is going to happen before the end of the year.”

Because of Baysangurov’s injury claim, the promotion at Robin Park Centre on September 26 has now been cancelled.

All ticket holders can claim refunds at the point of purchase.


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