Paul Williams covers every base to land big shot

“Starvin’ Marvin”, as one or two insensitive souls have dubbed Paul “The Punisher” Williams, today featured in a new press release from Aceves PR, one of the busiest promotional houses around in the boxing business. For those who love stats, this was the 62nd I’ve received since October. So if you’re an aspiring promoter or fighter, consider Aceves, they’re busy on your behalf. Someone once asked me, where I was when JFK was shot, I said I wasn’t sure but I bet I was reading a release by Aceves.

Today’s offering sought to confirm the 6-2 bean-pole Welterweight belt holder is willing and able to meet anyone, anywhere in whichever division they choose, from 147 pounds through to 168. By throwing a blanket over the four divisions; Welter, Light-Middle, Middle and Super-Middle, Williams manages to propose himself in potential matches with Margarito, Cotto, Mosley, DeLaHoya, Winky Wright, Kelly Pavlik, and Jermain Taylor.

By the time you’ve completed the release you can almost hear Williams thinking ‘did I leave anyone out?’.  As the man who most recently posted a win over Antonio Margarito, beating a subdued Margarito on points last year, and as the custodian of the WBO belt at Welter Williams should have options. Should be a pursued force, not the pursuer. But he isn’t, Oscar DeLaHoya – that richest of sugar daddies – preferred the PPV appeal of little Manny Pacquiao, Margarito supposedly turned down $4million to try and seek redemption while the other major attractions in the division; Cotto and Judah are currently regrouping from defeats.

His southpaw stance, height and reach are all tangible strengths most opponents would steer clear of. More revered historic fighters than Margarito willingly admit to a hatred of portsiders so we shouldn’t entirely condemn the collective reluctance of Williams’ Welterweight contemporaries to quarrel with the 27-year old. Williams is in his physical prime and, according to this release, “walks around at 158”. His long, lean frame appears more capable than most of jumping back and forth between the divisions he mentions.

To confirm his flexibility Williams is now booked to face peripheral middleweight Andy Kolle later this month at 160 pounds. Unless Williams is beaten, the result will not awaken any of his illustrious targets to the attractiveness of a clash with him nor implore the sanctioning bodies to demand Abraham, Sturm or Pavlik seek him out unless they wish to, voluntarily, but it will keep the fighter busy and introduce him to the higher poundage.

Chris Arreola, the punishing young heavyweight, will lead the undercard on the 25th. Visit for further details of the bill.


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