Limond a “worthy” foe for Salita

Scottish lightweight Willie Limond, a capable, diligent but oft undervalued performer, will have to wait a little longer for his moment in the spotlight versus Dmitriy Salita at Madison Square Gardens, as the repercussions of Joe Calzaghe’s wrist injury domino through the postponed September fight-card. Continue reading “Limond a “worthy” foe for Salita”

MIA – BoxingWriter returns

Due to circumstances beyond my control the site, has been inactive for over two months due to major server problems. A point of great frustration to me and to both of my readers the site is now back in its primative form with the redirect from hopefully restored in the days ahead. My thanks to those who’ve clamoured for a return of boxing’s little water cooler. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post with some degree of regularity in the coming weeks. Continue reading “MIA – BoxingWriter returns”

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