Mayweather, Lennox, Hamed, Hopkins; you can never win.

A few disparate references got me thinking this week. First it was the retirement of Floyd Mayweather, brought into sharper focus by this weekend’s Welterweight face off between Cotto and Margarito, then it was a YouTube compilation of Prince Naseem getting battered from pillar to post with super slow-mo’s to make the former Featherweight king look like a clown. And finally, it was the news Bernard Hopkins, the veteran determined not to fight beyond 40 to keep a promise to his mother, apparently signing to fight Kelly Pavlik just shy of his 45th birthday. Too early, too late, boxing fans will crucify you either way.

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“Verbal contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on”

Voicing an opinion without concrete foundation on a legal case involving Frank Warren is rather like smothering your tongue in honey, sticking your head in a bees nest and trying to sing “Are you lonesome tonight”, bottom line is, you’re going to get stung. With that reality in mind, I’ll tip-toe through the news he has brought a case against departed superstar Joe Calzaghe for Breach of Contract.

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Welter Wars: A New Hope

The thrust of the following piece is flawed. I’ll concede that before I begin. A post Mayweather era only exists in a world where the Pretty Boy is genuinely retired, like most observers I cannot accept the sport’s most gifted exponent will fail to push his frail hands inside leather gloves at least once more. A man with the self adorned ‘Money’ moniker will find it hard to resist the whisper of the millions his return would generate in 2009. But for now a new Welterweight dawn has broken and boy is it starting with a belter.

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