Magri, Winstone and Benn make WBC shortlist

WBCStrikes me boxing is acquiring Halls of Fame faster than sanctioning bodies, but I’m never one to ignore faithful recognition of the fighters and fight figures who contribute blood, sweat and tears to the sport. In a press release from the WBC today, a short-list of nominees for potential induction into their version of boxing’s hall of fame has been circulated. British greats Charlie Magri, Howard Winstone and the irrepressible Nigel Benn accompany the likes of Mike McCallum and Larry Holmes on the list. Continue reading “Magri, Winstone and Benn make WBC shortlist”

Contender, controversial and clap trap

Bullshit2I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the premise and execution of the Contender series. Pitching together undiscovered gems, gutsy veterans and nearly men tapped into a global love of the underdog and reintroduced many mainstream and casual fans to the bitter reality of boxing. It told stories, and a fighter story is as compelling a reason for following a particular fighter’s fortunes as his in the ring potential.

Continue reading “Contender, controversial and clap trap”

Low lefts, heavyweights and David Haye

SumoDavid Haye’s recent victory over Frenchman Jean Marc-Mormeck will likely prove the Londoner’s last at the 200lb Cruiserweight limit. Much though it will irritate him not to flatten Enzo Maccarinelli, the WBO belt holder, to further confirm his dominance in the division, it is clearly no longer possible for him to squeeze his muscular frame inside the limit. Travellers on the Haye bandwagon believe the heavyweights will prove no greater obstacle to the speed and power of the Cruiserweight champion. Continue reading “Low lefts, heavyweights and David Haye”

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