‘You never know when a fight may be your last.’

AudleyI will always remember the first interview of substance conducted with Ricky Hatton and his father, Ray, at the beginning of their bitter divorce from promoter Frank Warren. Expressing their frustration at the stagnation that preceded Hatton’s seminal contest with Kostya Tszyu, Ray Hatton opined “Every fight from now on will be a big one, because you never know when a fight may be your last”, well words to that effect anyway. 

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Contender Star Paul Smith In Action Dec 8

Paul SmithUnbeaten Contender star Paul Smith Jnr., re-emerges domestically from his successful stint in the third series of the boxing reality show stateside on the December 8th card scheduled for the Bolton Arena (according to frankwarren.tv) or the Reebok stadium (according to Smith’s Myspace circular). Regardless of venue, presumably, it will be a support for Amir Khan’s tangle with Graham Earl.

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The Plot Thickens and so do WBC coffers

TankReports today suggest giant American contender Jameel McCline has filed an official protest with the World Boxing Council following his points defeat to Samuel Peter recently. McCline opines that he feels not only did he win the bout, but more specifically, that the scorecard of Bill Costello, who had the fight to Peter 115-110, represents a significant injustice.

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Gunn Looking to Overthrow Castro

GunnDo you see what I did there? Love him or hate him, plucky pug Bobby Gunn is proving hard to ignore since his crushing defeat to Enzo Maccarinelli earlier this year. Eager publicity agent, Knockout Publicity, capitalised on the usually, fleeting profile afforded to challengers plucked from obscurity to contend WBO belts. People laughed at claims he was the most ferocious fighter since Jack Dempsey, and while I concede mentioning Gunn’s name in the same sentence as the Manassa Mauler pains me, I can’t help featuring updates for the Light-Heavyweight from Hackensack. Jorge Castro is next in his sights.

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Holyfield; Please, Please Continue

Evander5Evander5Instantly noticeable in the aftermath of Evander Holyfield’s, 42(27)-9-2, latest attempt to annex a portion of the fractured heavyweight title was the lack of demand for his retirement. Ronnie Shields and Freddie Roach both spoken openly of their preference for the 45 year old to hang up his gloves, it’s becoming a habit for Roach who distanced himself from his own charge, James Toney in recent months too, but the en mass clamour for his retirement hasn’t reached the fever pitch it did following his slam-dunk losses to Larry Donald, in 2004, and the aforementioned Toney in 2003. Continue reading “Holyfield; Please, Please Continue”

Dreaming, Believing and Achieving with Wayne Elcock

An interview with then British title challenger Wayne Elcock proved of sufficient interest to feature in the venerable British publication, Boxing News a fortnight ago. It was a moment of great personal satisfaction to appear on the pages graced by the great and the good over the past 98 years. Should it prove the most read piece I ever pen, it will represent a satisfactory pinnacle. Of course, I hope it will not , but in years to come the words committed to the page will remain in tact long beyond features I’ve written for the web. In an act of self-indulgence the unedited interview is included below. Continue reading “Dreaming, Believing and Achieving with Wayne Elcock”

The Fighter: Mark Wahlberg Already Training

WahlbergI’m happy to report the story of Micky Ward, and half brother Dicky Eklund, to be captured in the film The Fighter – due to start filming in 2008 – looks likely to be a cracker. Not only have the notable talents of Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg been penned to play the lead roles, but Wahlberg has already begun dedicating himself to creating a telling facsimile of the gutsy blue collar hero.

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Alex Arthur’s Revolving Door

ScotlandIt may be unfair, it may be unjust but the constant changing of trainers by Scottish Super-Featherweight contender Alex Arthur continues to bemuse most observers. For such an affable character on the cusp of genuine world title opportunities, it once again appears a peculiar time to change a such a crucial aspect of his camp. Continue reading “Alex Arthur’s Revolving Door”

Ruiz, the uncherished heavyweight

RuizRuizRugged former belt holder John Ruiz is arguably the most criticised heavyweight of his generation despite twice being the possessor of a world championship belt and holding victories over Evander Holyfield, Hasim Rahman and Andrew Golota. True his victory over the giant Pole was widely considered contentious but I think a little respect for Ruiz’s willingness to engage with tough opponents and overcome the humiliation of his defeats to Roy Jones and David Tua to compile a mixed but worthy record is overdue. Continue reading “Ruiz, the uncherished heavyweight”

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