When heavyweights were coffin nails

dEMPSEYIn a time of apathy toward the heavyweight of the modern era, and those geriatric contenders still squatting from the era preceding it, it is easier than ever to wallow in sepia toned nostalgia. To consider the impact even the uncrowned contenders of the 1970’s, Lyle or Quarry would have had among the flawed behemoths of the 21st century is to conjure the image of a fox in the hen house. Reach further, back as far as the halcyon days of Jack Dempsey and one would fear for the lives of his pampered successors. Continue reading “When heavyweights were coffin nails”

More than the sum of all parts; Golota v McBride

GolotaSensible? Interesting? Pragmatic? Desperate? Whatever descriptive you attach to the forthcoming series of matches in the heavyweight division there is unquestionably a degree of common sense at work. From the clash between ageing ramparts Andrew Golota, a fighter ten years removed from a prime he never actually had, and Kevin McBride, famous as the last fighter Mike Tyson quit against, to the IBF eliminator tourney – the heavyweights are getting their act together. Continue reading “More than the sum of all parts; Golota v McBride”

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