Boxing: No More Ugly Duckling, Witter Emerges

Witter3In preview I opted for the height, reach and thudding straight right hand of Vivian Harris, in retrospect I should never have found a way to doubt Junior Witter. True, there is little escaping the subdued nature of his victories against Colin Lynes, Andreas Kotelnik and latterly DeMarcus Corley and Arturo Morua, but Witter reengaged the viewing public with a sharper, more decisive performance and made a mockery of the suggestion he may already have peaked.

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For the love of the green stuff: Duddy’s Next Step

DerryKiko Martinez’s stunning knockout defeat of the touted Bernard Dunne placed an unwelcome comma in the previously fluent progression of the popular super-Bantamweight and reminded his more eager supporters of the two dictums by which all careers should be governed. Firstly, hype is no substitute for hard rounds and secondly, one punch is all ‘it’ takes. Continue reading “For the love of the green stuff: Duddy’s Next Step”

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