Klitschko No Longer Vital

KlitschkoGiant former champion Vitali Klitschko may well have been the consensus champion when a knee injury forced him into retirement in 2004, shortly after he removed his kitchen sink from Danny Williams’ face, but he wasn’t the modern great many seem to retrospectively believe he was.  His return got a few fans hot and sweaty but always left me a little cold. He was never really that good was he? Continue reading “Klitschko No Longer Vital”

Is it ever Tua late?

TuaEasy to forget just how popular and formidable heavyweight David Tua was a decade ago and how eager fans were for the trunk-like Samoan to tackle the leading fighters in the division; to oust the ageing trinity of Tyson, Holyfield and Lewis. In truth, to replace the menace and thrills Mike Tyson had ceased to deliver.

Continue reading “Is it ever Tua late?”

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