Hold on to your hat: Hatton-Mayweather is ON!

Hatton2A few fans and writers will be force fed their hats and copius amounts of humble pie today as the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather, rated as the finest fighter on the planet, and human piranha Ricky Hatton took another giant step toward reality.  According to Ray Hatton, not only has son Ricky signed the contract, so has Floyd – essentially, the deal is done.

These negotiations were clearly underway before the two fighters’ respective clashes with Castillo and DeLaHoya, because the fight appears to have  progressed very swiftly. From a list of potential foes for Hatton, Mayweather is the dream, the cherry, the ultimate opponent.  And I must confess to already be suffering from goose bumps at the prospect.

Many already propose the bout will be a modern day Leonard v Duran or Robinson v LaMotta. The former is probably the closer match, but whatever the outcome, victor or for whom you’ll be pulling in the fight – every fan, writer and associate of the sport will be thrilled to see the two fighters sign. Boxing needs bouts like this, prime fighters putting it on the line.

I’m still in a state of disbelief. Hatton v Mayweather. What a fight!

Click here for the BBC report on the news, with quotes from Ray Hatton.


23 thoughts on “Hold on to your hat: Hatton-Mayweather is ON!

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  1. I think tickets would be in equal demand, given how many former Colliers would want to ensure she actually got buried.

    But yes, it has the whiff of a sell out, that the fans on who’s back Hatton has made his cash are now excluded from his seminal bout.

    A real shame. In better news, nobody has yet thought to hire a large venue in Manchester and show the fight live on huge screens and charged £20 per head.

    So my plan for instant wealth remains unstolen.


  2. “Everyone needs a holiday David, this must be hard work.”

    Come now Terry, its not like he’s working down’t pits or ‘owt

    Unless he actually is, and the result of his labours down in the cold, cold mines of Yorkshire is this blog about boxing.

    God, that would be a bit odd, wouldnt it?


  3. Everyone needs a holiday David, this must be hard work.

    Interesting list of fighters Floyd missed on his way through the divisions. It is almost taboo to point out that Floyd has done a lot of division hopping, be it for the glory or for the ease of the path.

    The Tszyu fight was a big miss for me, Floyd skirted into the division then left when a young Champion took the reigns (Hatton). Personally I feel Kostya would have given Floyd problems. Instead his biggest fight at the weight was Gatti who is little more than human punchbag at that level.

    Watching Floyd’s masterworks such as Corrales and Gatti is intimidating but there were also the struggles with Castillo, Augustus and Judah (early in the fight).

    As time as gone on he has also lost a lot of the combination punching that he once had.

    All in all a very winnable fight for Team Hatton and I can just imagine Floyd’s excuse if he loses the fight: “I was dancing for the weeks leading up to this fight.”


  4. Terry,

    Thanks for dropping by. Due to holiday commitments, the site/blog has been dormant for a week or so.

    Interesting take on the fight. Personally, I think Mayweather is flattered by good match-making.

    I’m surprised he’s been enticed into a Hatton fight so easily. His retirement with Cotto, Mosley and Hatton out there stank.

    How he missed Freitas, Mosley, Hatton, Tszyu, Cotto and Margarito fights on the way through whiffs a little too.

    I’m not saying he’s not a great fighter, because plainly he is. But I think Hatton brings things to this fight that no preceding opponent has.

    Notable power, volume of punches, chin, stamina, focus and a fearlessness only perhaps the Castillo that matched Mayweather well could equal.

    And we all know Hatton is much fresher than Castillo too.


  5. As mentioned a messy fight in prospect. The Hatton camp are under no illusions about the size of the task facing them.

    Floyd seems to now based in the nochancemate weight class with all his opponents, whoever they are, now being given little or no chance at any weight.

    Anyone can be beaten and it is usually at the moment they attain the invulnerable status that a fighter slips-up.

    It will not be a one-sided whitewash nor will it be a thrill a minute slugfest but it will be a very interesting fight.

    Good site David. Only just discovered it.


  6. Mayweather fought on the back foot against DLH, no arguments there. True, most fans want to see slug-fests, all action brawls but people like Hamed, Jones, Whittaker could always draw a crowd, either because people liked their persona or wanted to see them flattened.

    Mayweather hasn’t seem able to pull off either, which leaves him in this unlikable limbo.


  7. You may be right but people pays to see a good fight. Fighters like Mayweather is why more people are getting into the UFC sports. Boxing is dying because of fighters not putting up. I don’t want to sound like a barbaric kind of guy but. For an example, there was a good fight just the other week between Marguez and Vasguez ( I think I spell that right ) now that was a boxing match and people got what they paid for. I think with Mayweather I have a problem with his attitude. And by the way he did not kick the #%^# out of De La Hoya like his people would like to think. He mostly ran and you got to be honest about that.


  8. Joe, Mayweather is many things but you’re doing him an injustice here. Hit without being hit is the definition of the sport, his boxing may be artistic rather than barbaric but he is a courageous fighter and a terrific athlete.

    In Hatton, he will find an opponent who will force him to mix up more than every before because for his fleet of foot – he has to commit to exchanges at some point.


  9. I agree with David, Hatton will win. The only way Mayweather will win is by doing what he does best in every one of his fight and that is running and dancing. I’ve seen a lot of his fight and never once seen him go toe to toe with anyone. Another interesting facts is that most of his wins comes with a wave of boos from the stands. Wake up Queer Floyd, you’re not as good as you think you are. Go toe to toe with Hatton and just maybe you might start getting some respect. Hell I could go one and one with ya ! All I have to do is run like you do.


  10. How could this be the greatest match of the year when you have one boxer ( Hatton ) and one dancing running fool ( Mayweather ). Hatton is a fighter and Ballerina Mayweather is a dancer. Hatton was right when he said after the Castillo fight that his four round of fighting is more than what Mayweather has fought his whole career. Come on people we all know that De la Hoya won that fight. Didn’t know you could earn points for running. The dude need to join a track team.


  11. 1 way to win, hope the muscle mass Floyd has put on makes him weight-drained, train like never before (Big ask, Hatton is an exceptional trainer, but then again he doesnt have to diet and dehydrate as much this time) and fight for 3 minutes a round.

    Or is that 3 ways?

    Can be done


  12. I pick Mayweather, but Hatton has a big a chance to win.

    I think this is going to be a very messy fight, to be honest – Hatton these days is mroe into grabbing and clutching, but the fact is its a tremendous match up and I cant wait.


  13. I know we’ve already discussed this by email – a little tragic in its own way, I know – but I too am getting the shivers about this fight. The classic encounter in boxing has always been the boxer against the brawler. Its this matchup that has always built the greatest anticipation and the finest of fights.

    Its always been Sullivan – Corbett, Dempsey – Tunney, Robinson – Lamotta, Leonard – Duran, and Chavez – Taylor that are seen as the seminal fights; the best fights; the perfect fights.

    And this is no exception. Awesome fight between two awesome fighters, and, of course, The perfect matchup.


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