Contender Star Paul Smith In Action Dec 8

Paul SmithUnbeaten Contender star Paul Smith Jnr., re-emerges domestically from his successful stint in the third series of the boxing reality show stateside on the December 8th card scheduled for the Bolton Arena (according to or the Reebok stadium (according to Smith’s Myspace circular). Regardless of venue, presumably, it will be a support for Amir Khan’s tangle with Graham Earl.

Smith failed to make the final four despite winning his qualifying bout as his victory was the least comprehensive of the five preliminaries. Despite that frustration the experience and exposure can only have been positive for the ‘Real Gone Kid’ and he will doubtless be eager to capitalise on the profile gained on the popular show.

Emerging unbeaten would certainly be a welcome sales tool for the 25 year old. An opponent is, as yet, unconfirmed and first Smith must first come through a rematch with David Banks on finals night in the Contender III series on November 6thin Boston.

A fact suggesting an opponent on Dec 8th is unlikely to be a particularly taxing one.


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4 thoughts on “Contender Star Paul Smith In Action Dec 8

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  1. Smith didn’t fight last night. What’s the deal? He was my favorite contender and I feel he was unfairly disqualified from the semis because he had a close fight. Which meant it was a good fight. Anyway, when is Paul fighting again?


  2. I dont see it happening, to be fair. He marks up a fair bit (as he indeed did against Banks last time out). Banks’ style will always give him problems in my opinion, as hes fast, and tough. Id only seen Banks once pre-Contender and that was aaginst Manfredo, but he seems like a tough lad. Smith should win again though, especially if its over a longer distance.


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