Calzaghe Hungrier Than Ever

Calzaghe7Doubts about Calzaghe’s hunger for competition as he approaches his 36th birthday were at least partially dispelled today as he weighed in over a pound under the 168 pound limit. A limit the WBO and Ring champion has spent seven years complaining is very hard for him to squeeze his six foot frame into. Kessler, need to strip naked – save the tattoos – to make the limit having originally weighed 2 ounces over.Calzaghe heads for the fridge and re-enforces my belief that he outwits, outhits and out-moves Kessler for a big points win. Kessler might land one bingo shot early, if Calzaghe gets over-eager though.

Full story with quotes from the various parties is available from the BBC website, click here


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  1. Khaosai-Galaxy says:

    I’m sure some in the Calzaghe camp will think it “unprofessional” of Kesslers team to come in 2 oz over.

    But putting a dry-as-a-bone Joe through a further, needless 1 pounds of dehydration is far worse, in my drunken opinion.

    What did they do, lose the key to the sauna or something?

    “For gods sake let me out” a visibly panicked Joe Clazaghe said earlier, as father, Enzo attempted to contact a locksmith.

  2. David Payne says:

    I just put these things down to calibration.

    The fight is on late, so Calzaghe has 30 odd hours of rehydration.

  3. Khaosai-Galaxy says:

    I wish we had the unofficial scales over here like they have on HBO, i would be fascinated to see the weights of these 2 at fight time.

    Both would be at least 13 stone, i imagine

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