Cheeseman stops Metcalf in old school war

The scrap between Ted Cheeseman and J.J. Metcalf for the British Light-Middleweight title was fought in Gibraltar. It was screened, for this writer, in high definition on a 42 inch television via the internet. It would have been equally at home had it been available on a Bakelite wireless only or fought at the Mile End Arena in the 1950s.

Two hard men, bent noses, flinty eyes sunken beneath prominent brows. One entered the ring with a ruby welt beneath his eye the other started seeping claret from his nose in the second. Cheeseman wore the white shorts, Metcalf, son of Shea Neary, a throwback fighter himself, wore the black. Just like the days of old.

A vacant British belt, the oldest in the sport, though the division is only of the modern era, the prize for the victor. The gold, the Union Jack coloured ribbon, the history, the tradition. A crown worn by Herol, Jamie Moore, Maurice Hope. It was all there.

Both had stories and both were willing to sacrifice the quality of their tomorrows for the glory of the night.

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The Fighter: Mark Wahlberg Already Training

WahlbergI’m happy to report the story of Micky Ward, and half brother Dicky Eklund, to be captured in the film The Fighter – due to start filming in 2008 – looks likely to be a cracker. Not only have the notable talents of Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg been penned to play the lead roles, but Wahlberg has already begun dedicating himself to creating a telling facsimile of the gutsy blue collar hero.

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