The Plot Thickens and so do WBC coffers

TankReports today suggest giant American contender Jameel McCline has filed an official protest with the World Boxing Council following his points defeat to Samuel Peter recently. McCline opines that he feels not only did he win the bout, but more specifically, that the scorecard of Bill Costello, who had the fight to Peter 115-110, represents a significant injustice.

Defeat, given McCline knocked down the Nigerian three times in two separate sessions, was hard to swallow.

The bout was preceded with controversy and confusion too. McCline linked with steroid use in the week prior, not to mention the merry go round that saw Sam Peter, Vitali Klitschko, Oleg Maskaev and DaVarryl Williamson all variously matched for either the Interim, full world title or, Williamson’s case, as a consolation prize for a jilted McCline.

Of course, the WBC have history on these types of issues granting an immediate rematch between Sam Peter and James Toney following scoring controversy. Now are we relying on the WBC to do the right thing, if you believe McCline has a case, or the more rewarding thing? Another fight means another sanctioning fee.

With Maskaev, the previous incumbent sidelined for the foreseeable and the mandated clash with Vitali Klitschko also off the horizon following the injury to the returning Ukrainian, there may be the will and the space for a rematch. In these moribund times in the division, it certainly represented more compelling viewing than most heavyweight clashes.

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