Tua; beginning to sound like a contender again

TuaI’m not quite in the camp with the Tuamaniacs, a kind of derivative of the fanaticism Mike Tyson was able to evoke even after the flush of his youthful best had passed, but I must confess to more than a passing interest in the fortunes of the once destructive Samoan. Following an apparent eternity in the wilderness of legal, financial and promotional entanglements he’s back to doing what he once did better than almost anyone. Knocking out heavyweights.

Veteran promoter Cedric Kushner has now taken up the reigns and is looking to inject the much need urgency and consistency into Tua’s often dormant career. A victory of regional, if not global, significance against Shane Cameron has projected some brief sunshine on his credentials and Kushner is eager to capitalise on it, promising a fight back in the mainstream before Christmas.

If he can resurrect even 70% of Tua’s pomp then the heavyweight division will have an exciting addition. Talk of Arreola v Tua did the rounds a week or two ago and while it theorises to place two aggressive punchers together, even as a veteran Tua safely has my vote should the fight come to pass. If Tua was always Tyson lite, then Arreola is a barely recognisable facsimile of the 1990’s wrecking machine Tua once was.

It would be an interesting if not spectacular fight at this juncture. The logical step would be secure a chair on the newly affluent German circuit, its where the champions are, where the crowds are and where the paydays are.

Whatever the next step I wish him well.

Here is the press release:




Heavyweight powerhouse David Tua, coming off his sensational 2nd round destruction of Shane Cameron, vows to win the world heavyweight title in 2010.  Unfortunately, David had no time to celebrate his great victory, as he spent the days immediately following the bout honoring the loss of his aunt with family and friends in tsunami torn-Samoa.  Terena Carr passed shortly before the Cameron bout, a victim of the devastating tsunami that hit Samoa.  David has now returned to New Zealand with his wife and children.

Tua, rated #4 by the World Boxing Organization, is best known for his victories by devastating knockouts, most notably against former world champions John Ruiz (KO1), Michael Moorer (KO1), Oleg Maskaev (KO11), and Hasim Rahman (KO10).    

Gotham Boxing’s President and Tua’s promoter, Cedric Kushner, said, “I think David is the top heavyweight contender in the world and most certainly the most exciting. All David has to do is stay busy and in 2010 he will get his opportunity to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World”.

Kushner further announced that the newly crowned WBO Asia Pacific and Oriental Champion would make his first defense in January in one of four cities – New York, Honolulu, San Paulo (Brazil), or Berlin (Germany).

Kushner also said from his Manhattan office that he was aware that the media had anticipated that Tua would have a December fight in New Zealand. However, Kushner said with the significant interest abroad in seeing David Tua, “I have decided to have his first defense outside of New Zealand, and then return later in the year”.

Tua was quoted saying, “I love fighting at home. I haven’t done it that often, but I am excited about showing the world what I am capable of doing and as Cedric said, we will definitely be back in New Zealand later in the year. I really believe that my time has come and I will be the World Heavyweight Champion in 2010.”



Ced Kushner, Gotham Boxing, 212.755.1944, cedkushner@aol.com



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