Tyson Fury, treading a fine line with fans

Like many who have witnessed his open three engagements, I’ve warmed to Tyson Fury – he seemed confident but sincere, ambitious but eager to learn. Hennessy Sports’ matchmaking has been encouraging and his name, and the story beneath it, help to garner him a disproportionate amount of exposure.

However, like Audley, Amir and Eubank before him it is easy to see his youthful mischief turning into unlikeable arrogance if he’s not careful.

David Price, who debuts this weekend, is inevitably his latest target of his mischief making.

The release below, doubtless carefully edited to ensure maximum impact, is pushing ever closer to the limits and if Fury steps beyond the boundary of respect when discussing prospective opponents it will not take long for at least a portion of the gallery to turn against him. Of course, among those predecessors Eubank knew only too well the value of playing the pantomime villain to Nigel Benn’s people’s champion and perhaps that is the course Mick Hennessy is trying to navigate; implore half the fans to buy tickets to see him win, the other half to see the ‘big-mouth’ get beaten.

Irrespective of how successful he is at plotting that hazardous PR route Fury is a welcome addition to the professional ranks, it will be interesting to see the rivalry with David Price unravel – lets hope Tyson, as he’s quoted in this piece, isn’t proven correct and at some point that bout comes to fruition.


Tyson Fury believes that heavyweight newcomer David Price should heed his own advice and issue a restraining order against him if he is to have any chance of making it in the pro ranks.

Price has yet to step between the ropes as a pro but the Beijing bronze medallist has accused unbeaten sensation Fury of stalking him. The Liverpool man holds a win over Fury from the amateur ranks and he says he’s keen to continue that rivalry now that he’s about to have his first pro fight under boxer turned promoter, David Haye.

“A restraining order might be a good idea because if I get within a few feet of him I’ll knock him cold,” said Fury. “What he really needs though if he’s going to do anything as a pro is a chin transplant.

“I had him on the floor in the amateurs when I was a 10 fight novice and just 17 but he says he doesn’t remember that. Maybe he doesn’t want to remember it but I have the fight on tape and would be happy to send him a copy but I’m sure it’s something he would rather forget.

“He could hardly keep upright in the amateurs and that was with big gloves and a head guard on. Imagine if we met now, he wouldn’t get out of the first round. He says he wants to build a rivalry with me and is talking about a 12 rounder for the British title but he’ll never get that far. I think he’d struggle to do 12 rounds of shadow boxing without getting knocked out!

“He’s like a lot of these other British heavyweights coming out with this nonsense about needing to build the fight up. You build a rivalry by getting in there and fighting each other instead of just talking about it. I just hope the fight can happen as soon as possible because let’s face it the first decent fighter he meets is going to knock him out. If he wants it all he needs to do is to pick up the phone to my promoter and we can get the fight on instead of just talking about it.”

Fury is currently preparing for his fifth pro fight on the undercard of the massive Carl Froch and Jermain Taylor WBC World title fight at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut on April 25. “I can’t wait for my American debut, I’ve fought over there in the amateurs and really enjoyed the experience. I’m looking forward to showing American fight fans that there is someone out there who can breathe some new life into the heavyweight division and it most certainly isn’t David Price.”

Boxing opinion and insight by David Payne

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