Crack the Fig Rolls, Jennings v Cotto is live!

CottoFollowing a day of two of consternation among boxing fans, and particularly those in possession of a Setanta subscription, the now widely reported news Michael Jennings attempt to overcome Miguel Cotto tomorrow night will shown live by the Irish based network will be warmly welcomed. Whatever the reasons for the hiatus, and the fact Jennings contract with Frank Warren with regard television rights overlaps with Setanta’s contract to show Top Rank fighters (Cotto) appears to have been the crux of the issue, the main thing is nice guy Mick will be live on British screens for the biggest night of his life.

At 31, it is a belated opportunity, one temporarily derailed by his loss to Young Muttley a year or two back, but one fully deserved in the modern context of world-title bouts. Michael is a gutsy fighter, but as is often over-looked; well schooled, disciplined and a diligent professional. He probably lacks the pop to deter Cotto, but with the intangible of Cotto’s mindset following his crushing defeat to Margarito still swirling the likeable Chorley boxer will hope to navigate the opening three or four rounds to see just how well prepared and focused Cotto is.

Such is the good-feeling toward Jennings, I’ve not been this intrigued by a British fight overseas for a long time. Tales of Stracey, Buchanan and Honeyghan didn’t help Hatton when he tackled Mayweather and they be of precious little comfort to Jennings once the bell goes but a dry looking Cotto, with eyes on bigger fights and a numbing stoppage defeat in his last contest will.

Don’t freeze Mick and keeping moving.


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