Zab Judah to face Theophane?

As the first fighter to purchase attire from the BoxingWriter Tribute Wear store, Ashley Theophane is always keen to demonstrate his astute judgement. News on his social website profile suggests he’s moved from first being offered the chance to fight former Super-Featherweight champion Derek Gainer to the entirely more valuable opportunity to tackle Zab Judah, the Brooklyn braggart with dynamite fists.

It will be a leap in quality for the London-born Light-Welter/Welterweight contender who has struggled to live up to the early Internet hype generated on his behalf. However, on the back of a solid victory over ageing former WBO champion DeMarcus Corley, a win which drew a line under the eccentric American’s career, Theophane would hopefully have the confidence and authority to make the match competitive.

Judah is a major fan attraction and despite losses to Tsyzu, Mayweather and latterly Miguel Cotto he remains one of the leading contenders across the two welterweight divisions. Theophane will be viewed as a meaningful confidence builder by Judah’s camp.

Fascinating opportunity for Theophane to gate-crash the world top-10.

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