Only in America, sorry Egypt, Williams to face Botha?

I love many things about boxing. The occasional absurdity of it is one, the ever-present another. Kevin Taylor’s story today tickled both fancies as he reports British Heavyweight champion Danny Williams, and I think we can now officially add the prefix ‘colourful’ to his title following a meandering roller-coaster of a career, is to tackle Fran Botha in the land of the Pyramid. You can’t make it up. Although, maybe someone has.

It will be a lucrative diversion one would assume, it offers precious little significance on the heavyweight picture as a whole but will add another interesting chapter to what could prove to be a compelling autobiography, if he the big Londoner ever pens one. Botha has become a peripheral figure since being knocked into the canvas like a tent-peg by Lennox Lewis all those years ago. He’s dabbled in MMA, and spoken frequently of facing Corrie Sanders in an all South African clash of the forty-somethings but has done precious little of importance over the past five years.

Inevitably, the veteran is talking of rediscovered ambition but the truth is, he’s delighted to find a nation in which he is an attraction and in Williams a foe of some residual standing in the heavyweight picture, though Williams is presently outside all four sanctioning bodies top-15. A fact I discovered while pondering the potential foes for David Haye, there were three names I’ve unearthed that I’d never heard of. Literally never heard of, so it was of some degree of surprise Williams recent run of victories hasn’t secured him a single #15 spot. But I digress.

Kevin picks up the story from a Sowetan newspaper who believe the always vacant WBF belt could be on the line in the projected November 30th clash. It will be a busy time for Williams who I understand is to fight John McDermott in a rematch for the British title on November 1st. A fact which appears to throw a very large spanner in the romantic concept of the two former Tyson foes duking it out in the desert.

Ah well. It made the morning a little brighter for me. Thanks Kevin.

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2 thoughts on “Only in America, sorry Egypt, Williams to face Botha?

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  1. Danny might as well take this. It doesn’t mean a great deal in world terms, but it’s no worse than a McDermott rematch and it will be an awesome event if done right.


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