Magri, Winstone and Benn make WBC shortlist

WBCStrikes me boxing is acquiring Halls of Fame faster than sanctioning bodies, but I’m never one to ignore faithful recognition of the fighters and fight figures who contribute blood, sweat and tears to the sport. In a press release from the WBC today, a short-list of nominees for potential induction into their version of boxing’s hall of fame has been circulated. British greats Charlie Magri, Howard Winstone and the irrepressible Nigel Benn accompany the likes of Mike McCallum and Larry Holmes on the list.

It isn’t clear whether the WBC will be requesting sanctioning fees for those elected. Nor how grateful the reborn Nigel Benn will be to receive an accolade for a pursuit he’s trying desperately hard to distance himself from, culminating in the recent sale of all trophies, belts and memorabilia from his pulsating career. 

Read the full release here, which also details a request from jailed former middleweight great Michael Nunn for legal support and discussion on the proposal to fund a statue to commemorate the truly great Rocky Marciano.

5 thoughts on “Magri, Winstone and Benn make WBC shortlist

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  1. Benn cuts an odd figure these days, doesn’t he?

    He’s comes across like the sort of bloke you wouldn’t want to leave alone with your kids. Not my words, the words of my Gran.


  2. Benn is trying so desperately hard to distance himself from boxing that he allows himself to be interviewed about it every other week.


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