Boxing: Karim Mayfield Sparring Hatton

HattonMayfieldYoung American professional Karim Mayfield, presumably imported to provide a useful facsimile of Floyd Mayweather Jnr. ahead of Ricky Hatton’s seminal Welterweight clash with the pound for pound motormouth, is in Manchester sparring with the Hitman. Like, it would seem, everyone who attends the affable but dedicated Phoenix gym, Mayfield is speaking highly of the 10 stone king and imploring fans to back the tigerish Mancunian come December.Nicknamed ‘Hard Hitta’, Mayfield certainly projects a similar image to the multi-millionaire on his Myspace page. Less clear is how effective he will prove as preparation for the biggest test of Hatton’s professional career.

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Previous sparring partners have included Steve Forbes, asked to provided an imitation of Jose Luis Castillo – a fighter who has gone on to enjoy notable personal success since his time in the Hatton camp. Mayfield may be hoping for a similar upsurge in his own fledgling career.

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  1. Rising 2 the top, ain’t no way the hard hitta will be stopped. This brother is a inspiration 2 us all, keep doing your thing karim!!!!! Shalom.


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