Ossie Duran v Contender Reid

OssieRugged former Commonwealth champion, Ossie Duran continues his Stateside career next week when he faces veteran of Contender Series 1, Jonathan Reid. From memory Reid was the first to depart the show, despite entering as arguably the most decorated of the group.

To British fans, Duran is well known from his time based here. Tough, good reach and decent ability he has a victory over Jamie Moore, though Moore retired injured in truth Duran was on top when the fight was stopped, and his recent defeat to Bradley Pryce a surprise given their respective form a the time. Continue reading “Ossie Duran v Contender Reid”

Danny Williams Last Chance Saloon

DannyDepending on to whom you speak; Danny Williams is a vast underachiever or a fighter who has earned far more than his talent and fragile self-belief would suggest he should have done. There is no in between. Knockout victories over Kali Meehan, Mark Potter and Mike Tyson – did I really just put Iron Mike in the same sentence as Mark Potter – sparkle alongside triumphs over Michael Sprott, Julius Francis, Matt Skelton and Audley Harrison. Continue reading “Danny Williams Last Chance Saloon”

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