IBF, Hatton and the r-word

BenRabahWith the abdication of the three belts he won beating Kostya Tszyu, Carlos Maussa and Luis Collazo behind him the irony of the IBF’s threat to withdraw light-welterweight champion Ricky Hatton’s belt wont be lost on the wider boxing public. It’s hard to malign Hatton for preferring to fight Jose Luis Castillo in June before his mandated obligation to Ben Rabah or Lovemore N’Dou, who contest a final eliminator soon, but surely Hatton soon has to stick rather than twist. Continue reading “IBF, Hatton and the r-word”

Hatton Making Excuses

HattonManchester iron-man Ricky Hatton told the BBC this week that the disappointment expressed over his recent performance versus Juan Urango, and before that Luis Collazo, was unfair. Calm and personable out of the ring, Hatton is clearly irked by the commentary on his recent ring form, although he conceded the forthcoming contest with Jose Luis Castillo would encourage him to stay within sensible reach of 140 pounds – something he’s constantly denied had any bearing on his performance. Continue reading “Hatton Making Excuses”

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