Boxing: The Truth? You can’t handle the truth. WBC, Hatton and Alvarez

The truth has always been an elusive quarry in the world of boxing. A paradox given the earthy honesty which surges through those who lace up the gloves. Their virtue has always attracted the righteous wordsmith and the devious chancer. Continue reading “Boxing: The Truth? You can’t handle the truth. WBC, Hatton and Alvarez”

Archive: Knowing You’re Born: A Boxer’s Tale

TSS Archive: 18/01/2007

It is a worn analogy to compare boxers with hookers, but for those fighters who eek out a career well beneath the remuneration and spotlight of the bill toppers the cliche undoubtedly has some resonance. Former British title challenger Alan Bosworth is one such heart on his sleeve puncher who walked away from the sport he’s loved and loathed in equal measure for most of his life with precious little to show for the sacrifices he’s made to compete. Continue reading “Archive: Knowing You’re Born: A Boxer’s Tale”

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