Give a whirl; James Toney live on the show this Sunday

ToneyI’m not usually one to advocate these fan-led Radio shows, too often they’re so poorly conceived, so uncomfortably amateurish that any meaningful content is lost amongst the cringing I’m doing. However, while still a little rough around the edges, the crew are smoothing out the wrinkles and in their weekly show have attracted some interesting voices, Shannon Briggs last week, James Toney this week. Tune in and try it.

Ignore the affiliation with which may discourage a few of you, the delivery is via, an avenue I’ve looked at and shied away from so far and runs for around 2 hours on Sundays and Thursday in a preview, review format.



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2 thoughts on “Give a whirl; James Toney live on the show this Sunday

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    1. Hello Ken,

      I’m not part of the OntheGrind show, I do believe they spoke to him but I’ve not had opportunity to catch the show as yet but if it was on the horizon I’m sure it was mentioned?


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