Old man or big threat; McCullough responds

mcculloughNow the preceding release from Brian Peters, which strongly stated Wayne McCullough would need to earn a clash with new WBA Super-Bantamweight title by winning fights was largely dismissed by yours truly. After all McCullough v Dunne made massive commercial sense and that would be the primary motivator in Dunne’s first fight wouldn’t it? McCullough still believes so, but with more information to reflect on, I think the veteran could be chasing a lost cause. Here is Wayne’s view this evening;

Wayne McCullough – old man or big threat?

I read Brian Peters’ response to my challenge of Bernard Dunne that he released today.  I was a little taken aback that Brian would write a disrespectful press release but I’m not really surprised.
Brian and I have been friends for many years.  He was even a guest at my wedding back in 1993.  Today he suggested that I need to get a “few good wins … before (a fight with Bernard) would be a viable fight” but if my fights keep falling through, how can I do get those wins?

I’ve asked him on numerous occasions to help me get back in the ring – as recently as this past weekend – but for one reason or another it hasn’t happened. 

After being out of the ring for 2 ½ years, I was willing to step into the ring with Kiko Martinez who knocked Bernard out – but Kiko failed to make weight and the fight was cancelled.  Nobody said I needed a warm up before that fight. 

Maybe if Brian didn’t see me as a threat to Bernard, he would have put me on some of his recent cards. 

He stated the facts when he said I haven’t won a fight since 2004 but I’ve only fought 3 times since then!  Twice against world champion Oscar Larios (the first fight I lost controversially and got an immediate rematch) and the other against a ranked fighter – where I had to pull out of the fight while ahead on the cards due to an injury.

I’m not the only former world champion who has lost a couple of fights and wants to get back to title contention.  Several other world level fighters have returned to the ring following long layoffs or losses and were right up there fighting for belts in their comeback fights.

I’m serious about this fight.  I’m ready, willing and able to fight Bernard.  I’m not trying to hype this fight.  There is no need for that.  Even though we’re all friends, this is business and I refuse to bad mouth Bernard or Brian.  I’m not that type of person. 
There should be no excuse under the sun for Brian (or Bernard) to refuse to fight me.  After all, as Brian stated in his response to me, I’m coming up to my 39th birthday! 

Old man or big threat?



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