“Is that you Arthur?”, Arthur and Guzman await purse decision

OliveLife in the world run by the World Boxing Organisation must be a curious experience. Most of us operate only on the periphery, interested and bemused bystanders to the WBO’s alternative and parallel universe. For those dependent on the Puerto Rican sanctioning body for clarity, objectivity and consistency it must be an entirely frustrating and perplexing existence. Talented and affable Scotsman Alex Arthur is one such subject. Continue reading ““Is that you Arthur?”, Arthur and Guzman await purse decision”

EverGel Glove Wraps and me

EverGel Glove WrapsAs a 3-month novice in the boxing gym I may not be the most punishing barometer for the EverGel Glove Wraps but nevertheless, the good people at Everlast were eager to know what I thought about them.

Continue reading “EverGel Glove Wraps and me”

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