“Is that you Arthur?”, Arthur and Guzman await purse decision

OliveLife in the world run by the World Boxing Organisation must be a curious experience. Most of us operate only on the periphery, interested and bemused bystanders to the WBO’s alternative and parallel universe. For those dependent on the Puerto Rican sanctioning body for clarity, objectivity and consistency it must be an entirely frustrating and perplexing existence. Talented and affable Scotsman Alex Arthur is one such subject. Continue reading ““Is that you Arthur?”, Arthur and Guzman await purse decision”

Archive: Scott Harrison Looking To Crash Party

sunArchive: 25th January 2005

I’ve read with interest the numerous articles pertaining to Scott Harrison’s impending return. Owen Slot of The Times probably summarising the topic best. The return of his withdrawn licence, in light of host of misdemeanours at home and abroad, strikes me as a routine decision for the British Boxing Board of Control and the former WBO belt holder will soon be sending shivers down the spines of Super-Featherweights at weigh-ins once more.    Continue reading “Archive: Scott Harrison Looking To Crash Party”

Calzaghe gets his trophy opponent

LongevityIt has been a long time coming. Years in the wilderness of WBO mandatories, late replacements and injury induced postponements left Joe Calzaghe close to “pound for pound” obscurity. Despite an unbeaten record, a dazzling fighting style and acceptance as the premier fighter at 168 pounds it required victories over Jeff Lacy, when decapitation was widely predicted by the American press, and rock hard Dane Mikkel Kessler in an unification bout to introduce Calzaghe to the major leagues. There remained a caveat to his new found status;  his record lacks an opponent of historic significance. By April 20th, that will all change.

Continue reading “Calzaghe gets his trophy opponent”

Golota got a lota shot

GolotaUrban legend states you are never more than ten yards from a rat when in London. If you frequent some of the fast food establishments I have you could probably reduced that by 50% with some confidence. There is also an Internet phenomenon and modern day parlour game which believes nobody in movie history is more than six steps removed from actor Kevin Bacon. Continue reading “Golota got a lota shot”

Rusty Chagaev still too smooth for Skelton

ChagaevFew fighters are more honest, fearless and hard working than Bedford’s big bear Matt Skelton. We knew that before his fight with Ruslan Chagaev in Germany last weekend and though the contest represented Skelton’s first venture in to true world class, he further substantiated that repute. Sadly, he couldn’t add either the technique or knockout power required to prevail at this elite level. Continue reading “Rusty Chagaev still too smooth for Skelton”

Setanta Sports: Boxing’s newest friend

Setanta LogoOnce a upon a time boxing coverage was the exclusive preserve of SKY, the premier satellite broadcast network here in the United Kingdom, but it now appears to have stepped out of the sport for all but the major ‘cash cow’ events. It is a peculiar tactic given the revived pulse and stirred interest in the sport. In fact, from a domestic perspective the boxing scene is arguably at its most buoyant. Continue reading “Setanta Sports: Boxing’s newest friend”

Trinidad plays heavy-lightweight to Jones’ light-heavyweight

PensionersRoy Jones begins the week with a characteristically wry smile and a less familiar sore right hip following his impressive defeat of Felix Trinidad over the weekend. True, both fighters are mere shadows of their respective primes, but despite advancing years they engaged in hefty action throughout the contest. Continue reading “Trinidad plays heavy-lightweight to Jones’ light-heavyweight”

Farewell Ali Nuumbembe

Ali3News former Commonwealth Welterweight champion Ali Nuumbembe is to return to Namibia following a six-year adventure into professional boxing here in the UK has already been well documented. In fact, Ali’s remarkable life, from the civil war of his youth, the death and disappearance of family members to life in a caravan in Glossop, has also been recorded and retold thoroughly and comprehensively. Continue reading “Farewell Ali Nuumbembe”

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