Matt Skelton Out Of Harrison Clash?

Bedford brawler Matt Skelton is rumoured to be pulling out from his forthcoming under card clash with the much maligned Audley Harrison due to a hand injury. Although no substance as yet, the suggestion would certainly devalue the December the 9th bill. Continue reading “Matt Skelton Out Of Harrison Clash?”

Amir Khan: Stick or Twist?

Burgeoning light-welterweight talent Amir Khan next faces little known Frenchman Rachid Drilzane on the Harrison v Cook under card in just over a week’s time. The tenth fight in his professional career and burdened with an intense spotlight following his success at the Olympics Khan is being moved studiously by promoter Frank Warren. Continue reading “Amir Khan: Stick or Twist?”

Hopkins Returns. Did he ever leave?

When you start to open a door, the pressure has to be greatest in the beginning, yet the door moves the least.

Norman Mailer, Author, 1923-2007, The Executioner’s Song (1979)

Boxing needs personalities. And never more so than in the beleaguered heavyweight division. Yesterday’s announcement, and the worst kept secret in boxing, that former middleweight great and presently consensus Light-Heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins plans to return in the blue ribbon weight class didn’t cause the gasps of disbelief the ‘Executioner’ appears to crave.

Continue reading “Hopkins Returns. Did he ever leave?”

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