Golota v Briggs in Poland?

Polish boxing site, www.boxingnews.pl, is reporting colourful heavyweight veterans Andrew Golota and Shannon Briggs are set to clash in October on the under-card of Tomasz Adamek‘s next fight. My Polish is a little rusty, i.e. non-existent but that seems to be the thrust of the piece. Its an intriguing contest and while of only peripheral significance to the main heavyweight picture, Golota is never more than one knockout away from a world-title shot.

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Golota got a lota shot

GolotaUrban legend states you are never more than ten yards from a rat when in London. If you frequent some of the fast food establishments I have you could probably reduced that by 50% with some confidence. There is also an Internet phenomenon and modern day parlour game which believes nobody in movie history is more than six steps removed from actor Kevin Bacon. Continue reading “Golota got a lota shot”

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