“Nobody is invisible”, Amir Khan explains

It is hard to know where to begin a review of the shattered remnants of Amir Khan’s fastidiously constructed repute. Following 4 years of painfully cautious match-making, three trainers and a deluge of column inches, platitudes, award ceremonies and celebrity television appearances the 21-year old demonstrated holes in his fistic education large enough to drive even his ego through. In a slip of the tongue, Khan said “nobody is invisible”, he meant invincible of course, but invisible seemed to fit very well too. Breidis Prescott certainly found him easily enough. Continue reading ““Nobody is invisible”, Amir Khan explains”

Battle of the Som-brero; give ol’ Gomez a chance

Matchmaking is a funny business. Not funny “haha”, funny “ooh”. As my Grandad would often say. There is simply no right and wrong methodology or barometer for matchmakers. If the house fighters wins, you’ve got it right. If the house fighters wins easily you’ve got it right but perhaps too right, because the audience want competition not a procession. In fact, getting it ‘too’ right can sometimes be wrong. But still better that, than simply getting it wrong. Are you keeping up?

Continue reading “Battle of the Som-brero; give ol’ Gomez a chance”

The Michael Gomez Story: The Movie

GomezEvery fighter has a story. A few take on mythological proportions, from Sonny Liston’s rise and fall to Johnny Tapia’s regular dance with death. British fighter Michael Gomez’s own story may lack the gravitas associated with the former’s professional success but it has a similar sprinkling of pain and misfortune. Of course, Gomez isn’t finished yet, despite the death knell being sounded on his career more than once – and he returns to action again soon, but a low budget British film based on his life this far is being promoted on his website. Continue reading “The Michael Gomez Story: The Movie”

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