Kellerman breaks from the pack

It is a cliche to recognise the judgement of a fight is a subjective undertaking. But like all cliches, it is forged in fact. True, two observers can arrive at different results from different sides of the ring and no matter how self-disciplined, it is close to impossible to be truly impartial. Certainly as fans, we all view the spectacle of a fight with some conscious or sub-conscious bias. Its human nature. Its also human nature to be influenced by those around us, and Juan Diaz was the ‘home’ fighter in his split-decision victory over Michael Katsidis. Continue reading “Kellerman breaks from the pack”

Monday digest: Khan, Diaz and all that

An amazing weekend of action, nothing like a good upset to stir boxing fan’s interest. Pampered protege Amir Khan was unceremoniously exposed as a chinny, naive pretender, while there were good wins for Nicky Cook, American heavyweight Kevin Johnson and Juan Diaz among others. Continue reading “Monday digest: Khan, Diaz and all that”

Boxing is a brave man’s sport

And the sky is blue, grass is green. An obvious statement of course, but the weekend corner retirement of Acelino Freitas brought down the curtain on a distinguished career and it would be sad if the hard-punching Brazilian is remembered only for quitting versus Diego Corrales and young Juan Diaz at the weekend. It would be unjust to overlook his longevity and the knockout streak of his youth.

Continue reading “Boxing is a brave man’s sport”

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