Boxing: Mayweather, the showmen who leaves them wanting more

Presently, there is no hotter commodity in boxing than Floyd Mayweather. Fresh off a crushing victory over Shane Mosley I can no longer summon an obstacle which bears scrutiny to the now overwhelming argument that Floyd Mayweather deserves to take a place among the sport’s all time greats. Mayweather’s name can sit snugly among the Ali, Armstrong and Leonard’s as one of the finest prizefighters ever seen. In fact, the only thing which could be more commercially desirable than the Pretty Boy right now…is a retired Pretty Boy. Continue reading “Boxing: Mayweather, the showmen who leaves them wanting more”

Alex Arthur’s Revolving Door

ScotlandIt may be unfair, it may be unjust but the constant changing of trainers by Scottish Super-Featherweight contender Alex Arthur continues to bemuse most observers. For such an affable character on the cusp of genuine world title opportunities, it once again appears a peculiar time to change a such a crucial aspect of his camp. Continue reading “Alex Arthur’s Revolving Door”

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