Standing room only; the Calzaghe bandwagon

GlovesThe only thing quicker than Joe Calzaghe’s fists on Saturday night, aside from how quickly one could predict the outcome of the entire under card, was the alacrity post-fight pundits demonstrated hoisting the Welshmen from ‘over-protected’, ‘unfulfilled veteran’ to ‘all-time great’. I cannot extract myself entirely from the criticism of such unsavoury haste having maligned Calzaghe more than once for the injuries and timid matchmaking that wasted much of his youth. I was never guilty of saying he couldn’t fight though. Continue reading “Standing room only; the Calzaghe bandwagon”

Final Step For Calzaghe?

Calzaghe5One of the finest fighters of his generation and certainly, one of the most unflinchingly dedicated professionals boxing has ever produced, Joe Calzaghe enters the ring on Saturday to complete the final step in his decade long journey to unify the Super-Middleweight division. It has been a long time coming for the 35 year old. Continue reading “Final Step For Calzaghe?”

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