Amir Khan: Silver, Shades and Tom Sayers

“The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.”

Samuel Beckett (Murphy 1938)

Amir Khan is a frequent and willing interviewee. As a fighter in the modern communication age he’s fielded more questions, or perhaps half a dozen repeated infinitum, than a hundred of his predecessors, even those of greater luminosity than his.

None of those fighting forefathers shone so brightly they needed to wear sunglasses inside as Khan has a predisposition to, certainly not when the extent of their preceding exertion was a mere fall out with their spouse. One might presume Johnny Tapia or Jake LaMotta could make a case for an exception.

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Contrasting Fortunes of Borges and Iole

iLOECongratulations to Kevin Iole on his recent Nat Fleischer award for excellence in boxing journalism, a prestigious gong and Kevin takes his place behind a parade of hugely talented scribes who have won the award created to honour the Ring magazine’s most famous Editor.

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Vida Loca; Another Sad Chapter in the Life Of Johnny Tapia

TapiaAs one of the finest prizefighters of his generation Johnny Tapia’s life has always been a back-page story, and more frequently than he’d prefer, a front page one too. News that the recently retired former champion has once again been found close to death following an apparent cocaine overdose will chill but not surprise those of us for whom Tapia has always been a hero. His biography, My Vida Loca – [My Crazy Life] contains more drama and turmoil than most people could pack into five lives – and within it – Tapia’s claim he’d been pronounced clinically dead six times following a drug and drink related episodes provides Freudian support for that conclusion.

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Calzaghe: A Year On From Lacy

CalzagheOn the cusp of his American coronation against game Contender Peter Manfredo on April 7th, Joe Calzaghe has been reflecting on the year that has elapsed since he emerged from the debris of his long tenure as WBO Super-Middleweight champion, and all the mediocrity that attracts, to beat Jeff Lacy. In conversation with the Wales On Sunday, and available through, Calzaghe is clearly keen to still bask in the glow of that victory but is growing more earnest and pragmatic regarding the disrespect that preceded his vault into the pound-for-pound debate.

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