Fagan back on track

OisinFaganStrange how fighters flicker in and out of boxing’s VIP lounge. Irishman Oisin Fagan has twice dipped beneath the ropes dividing the obscure and the revered, first in a razor tight defeat to Mum’s favourite Paul Spadafora and then more recently by knockout to Lightweight star Amir Khan – a defeat tinged with melancholy as Oisin broke an ankle on the way to the canvas. On Saturday night, he continued his attempt to build toward a third chance.

Returning to the National Stadium for 5th time, he faced London journeyman Johnny Greaves – find below a fight report prepared on Fagan’s behalf by Mick Devine. It seems Greaves, one of boxing’s “have gumshield will travel” will-do fighters, caused Fagan more than a touch of concern.


Former schoolteacher, Oisin Fagan was back on familiar hunting grounds last night, where the former Irish Light-Welterweight Champion beat veteran journeyman, Johnny Greaves, in a 6-round encounter at the National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland.

Greaves, the 40-fight veteran has fought all-comers; albeit lost, to every prospect in the game; however, the East-London native knows how to fight and was not put off by the pro-Fagan supporters in Dublin on Saturday night, even showboating for the crowd at times. However, his showboating was short-lived. Fagan had most of his work done in the first 3 rounds, where he was catching the London southpaw with straight right-hands and left hooks.

In the latter rounds, Greaves used a nice uppercut which caught the aggressive Dubliner a couple of times as he came on the attack, but Fagan was never in danger and in the fifth round, he had Greaves reeling from a series of over-hand rights, which were connecting every time he threw them.

Fagan sustained a cut from a head-butt in the second, which drew blood; however, the Irishman’s corner men had the situation under control and while the blood seeped from his eye, it never really posed a problem for the “Gael-Force”.

Fagan said, “Greaves was a tough kid. He’s been around the block a few times and has fought everybody in the game. His poor record is very misleading actually and with his experience, I can now see how he goes the distance with everyone. He hit me with his head on numerous occasions and funnily enough, one fan said to me that if he wore a glove on his head, he’d have beaten me easily, which just goes to show how fond he was of using it. Anyway, a win is a win and even though I felt sluggish in there at Light-Welter, I am going to try to return to Lightweight to contend there for the remainder of my career and hope to secure a shot at the European title early next year, please God.”

“hope to secure a shot at the European title early next year…”

The win brought Fagan’s record to 25 wins, 7 Losses, with 15 coming by way of knockout. 



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  1. That Fagan lad is one tough mother… I saw him fight in Tulsa with half his face caved-in and still calling on his opponent- then he gave Julio Cesar Chavez one of his best fights and Paul Spadaforas only Split Decision. And Verquan Kimbrough a Split in his hometown for the USBA belt too. He’s also a former Irish title holder and has to go down as one of the toughest kids in boxing.


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