Martinez running toward a mirage

Tis but a blink since I wrote on the fairytales we whisper to ourselves on entering our forties. The type former champion Sergio Martinez has, alas, succumbed to, adding Instagram filters to the truth of his middle age. In actuality, several months passed before the 45 year old ducked between the ropes for a thankfully tame encounter with Joes Miguel Fandino.

The regret of the knockout victory he scored is the oxygen it has afforded his view of the flickering light of his long past prime. December, subject to the COVID restrictions the boxing hotbed of Torrelavega, Spain may impose, will see Jussi Koivula, a 36 year old Welterweight out of Finland, offer the required minimalism in obstructing the furtherment of Martinez’s dream.

Koivula’s 24-7 (9ko) record is a presentable buffet that belies a pauper’s table of credibility beneath; no wins against a fighter with a positive record since 2015 and defeat whenever propelled beyond the cold comfort of the Scandinavian boxing scene.

There seems some assurance then that the Martinez ‘comeback’ will wander into 2021, and a sense of foreboding grows that a second victory will encourage more ambitious matchmaking. Of course, as night follows day, the dream will reveal itself for the nightmare it truly is eventually and where once it promised reward, it will snatch something further from the Argentinian.

At 45, heading for 46 in February, Sergio seems destined to have to learn the foolishness of his return the hard way. The boxing way. For it has no sentiment. Neither for its greats nor its nobodies.

Like gravity. Or taxes. Or truth. Boxing gets you in the end.

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