VIP Boxing: Rehman impresses in stoppage win

Rochdale’s Bilal ‘Billy The Kid’ Rehman won the battle of the unbeaten 10-stone prospects on the entertaining Steve Wood card in Manchester tonight, stopping Ashley Peyton in the last of eight rounds. He is a fighter to look out for, he certainly relished the opportunity to fight an opponent with ambition and a low guard.

A few points of note, firstly, for those not inclined, or able, to get to Steve’s VIP Promotions shows, the live stream via his website or on Facebook is excellent. Solid signal, quality picture and the commentary is informed and on point. First time I’ve used the latter and it works really well.

Second observation, just how much the sight of lean, tall, aggressive fighters at the lower weights, almost irrespective of their ability, stirs the memories of Tommy Hearns. Is it the age we first witness them, in our formative years, that carves them so deeply into our psyche?

Bilal Rehman was good to watch and posed Ashley Peyton far too many problems from distance with long jabs and a mixture of rights to head and body. Peyton was on the floor several times and bar a fleeting rebuild in the middle rounds lacked the defence to survive or the ability to close distance to cause Rehman problems. His record falls to 10-1, while Rehman progresses to 9-0 and made a new follower of me and secured the British Classic Super-Lightweight belt in the process.

Steve Wood, one of boxing’s smartest operators, is keen for fans to see his fights. If you missed Rehman v Peyton, or my words have encouraged you to take a look at him. The fight is available, in full, below.

Nobody will book him to open a supermarket in 20 years on the basis of the belt but he seemed pleased to see it and he can fight. Peyton was too easy to hit to definitively judge how far Bilal could go, but it remains notable that Bilal put Peyton down from both the orthodox and southpaw stances.

Click on the image below to visit the shop.


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