Boxing: Tyson Fury will topple a Klitschko first – BoxingWriter Reader’s Vote

Three years ago the audience of plumped for young Tyson Fury in a poll which asked the question; Who will one of the Klitschko’s lose to first? Time moved slowly in between and it seems a life time ago in retrospect; both Povetkin and Thompson were, at the time, the Klitschko’s next two opponents.2012. It will surprise many I’m sure that the 6-9 giant has emerged as the most likely to dethrone either brother. Naturally, Tony Thompson and likely Alexander Povetkin are the two with most immediate opportunity and that should shorten their odds and improve their support in this poll. In part it did, but Fury finished with more than 52% of the votes. An astonishing result. And yes, it was a relatively modest sample. But still….

Inevitably, their is a need for fuller disclosure on the significance of the result – a greater proportion of the audience was drawn from the UK which skews the result but that said, Fury emerges head and shoulders ahead of compatriots Dereck Chisora and David Haye. The result can be best summarised thus:

#1             Tyson Fury                          52%

#2             Alexander Povetkin         16%

#3             David Price                         15%

#4             David Haye                         11%

#5             Seth Mitchell                        3%

Wladimir (left) and Vitali Klitschko (right), ... Tyson Fury most likely to succeed in any tango with brothers Ukraine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tony Thompson, Mike Perez, Deavon Wilder and Odlanier Solis all secured 1% of the vote. Surprisingly Dereck Chisora, like contemporaries Robert Helenius and Chris Arreola were unsupported. Click here to add to the result.

I doubt, even Tyson’s most blinkered supporters could make a credible case for the likeable 23-year-old to prevail in a clash with either of the brothers at the present time. For all his physical gifts, Tyson Fury remains a work in progress. Key weaknesses include his conditioning and discipline with even Uncle Hughie insisting his nephew lacks the dedication, and punch power, to reach the top. However, these limitations – which saw him have a life and death struggle with John McDermott and some difficult moments against an unprepared Dereck Chisora and a mediocre Nevan Pajkic – do not prevent him entering any discussion of the remaining challengers available to the veteran brothers.

A reflection of his ability but alas also the shallowness of the talent pool.



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  1. Leaving any sentiments of British Nationalism aside, I think the Brits have hit on one very important fact: Gut feeling continues to rule the taste for contestant choosing and that… Fury has darn good chances to succeed.


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