Boxing: Derry Across the Mercy; Mathews stops Crolla- Round by Round Report

Derry Mathews won the famous British Lightweight title tonight, stopping Anthony Crolla with just 4 seconds of the 6th round remaining. Referee John Keane jumping to the champion’s aide. Crolla felt the stoppage premature and with so little time until the round end and in the context of a championship fight I have some sympathy, but Mathews twice had his foe in trouble and on the canvas once too. I for one, would relish the prospect of watching a rematch. You will find hastily typed round by round coverage below.

Live, round by round coverage of the classic Lightweight clash between British champion Anthony Crolla and challenger Derry Matthews. Keep clicking refresh for round updates.

Round 1 

Ref John Keane. Fast start from Derry. Crolla answers with stiff jab. Tight guard from Crolla, Mathews much lower with gloves looking to instigate. Crolla jab still the most telling punch despite busy start from challenger. Mathews going backwards now.  Crolla may be targetting the nose with stiff jab, Mathews suffered injuries there in the last two fights. Mathews has been busy though. Crolla looks a very composed professional these days. Crolla was very, very sharp. Give Mathews a share for his busy work-rate.

Crolla 10-10 Mathews

Round 2

Crolla burrowing forward quicker, Mathews jabbing well to try and fend off the advances. Noisy Oldham venue. The jab looks the key for Crolla, which is interesting fiven Mathews advantage was presumed to be at distance.  Sweeping left clips Mathews. The Liverpudlian is going backwards again. Crolla finding the odd left to the body. A supposed weakness of Mathews because of his long body. An air of inevitability that Crolla will walk him down at some point. Mathews is competitive presently. Triple jab from Crolla. Mathews finishes with a 3 punch flourish. Crolla cleaner punches.

Crolla 20-19 Mathews

Round 3

Crolla quick feet to attack, so tight when in front of Mathews though. Little target for Mathews to hit. Again that jab from Crolla looks a sickener. Big punch drops Crolla for the first time in his career. Mathews has him in big trouble here. Long way to go. Big trouble for champion. Crolla needs the stamina from those hill runs now!  Mathews throwing everything at him to find another gap. Crolla rallies and piles back. Mathews looks blown out. Still 40 seconds to go. Chants of Derry fill the air. Crolla bounces trying to get the legs going again. Corner shouting encouragement.

Replays show two consecutive uppercuts floored the champion.

Crolla 28-29 Mathews

Round 4

Crolla looks okay coming out. Mathews spent a lot on that last round. But must be encoruaged. Crowd wild. Big right hook from Crolla. Crolla marked under the left eye. Bleeding. He’s trying too hard to get back into it. Keane calls for corner to look at cuts. Mick the Rub on the case. Mathews has the chance of his career here. Crolla not in crisis but he’s in trouble. Needs to close up and get back to boxing. Blood seeps down from left eye again. Its trading, back and forth, Mathews wont back off now. John Keane again bringing the doctor to the cut. Its a nick to the left eye. On we go. Mathews piling it on. Crolla still there coming forward. Mick the Rub has work to do. Last 20 seconds. Sharp lefts from Crolla, Mathews sinks back to the ropes.

Crolla 47-49 Mathews

Round 5

Patience need from Crolla. 12 round fight. Not sure Mathews can keep this up for distance. Crolla burrows forward. Blood seeps from left eye. Mathews delivering big hooks. And Uppercut really working for him. Crolla has him on to the ropes briefly but Mathews spins away.  Gloves not as tight for Crolla now. Big right from Mathews. Can’t discourage the Liverpudlian now. No knowing where this is going. Still think Crolla has the legs to see him trhough. But its tough. Good exchanges. Mathews banging to the body. Mathews winning another round here, moving, making Crolla chase him a little. Left hooks from Crolla as the round ends.

Crolla 56-59 Mathews.

Round 6

Crolla charges to the middle. He has lots to do here. Targetting the body this round. Loking to work opening to Mathews right hand side. Crolla finding his range again. Putting nice combinations together. Exchange big hooks. Mathews enjoying success to the left hand flank of Crolla. Crolla lands uppercut draws nopise from crowd. Crollas hurts him to the body. Mathews showing signs of distress. But fires back. Tremendous action here. THe Lonsdale belt. It matters.  Mathews sagging here. Big left hand  and Crolas stagger.s Keane looking at Crolla. Keane jumps in and stops it! Mathews has stopped him and is British champion.

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